The subtitle on The Advocate's March 30th front page story about Gov. John Bel Edwards' tax plan could have used some rethinking. "Edwards' restructuring shifts burden from most individuals to wealthy, larger businesses," it proclaims. The problem is, businesses don't pay taxes; their customers do. A tax on a business is a cost, like paper and ink are to The Advocate. Their costs end up being paid by subscribers like me as part of the subscription price. Businesses collect taxes. They don't pay them.

Republicans are just as bad as Democrats when it comes to tax increase sleight-of-hand. Their proposed border adjustment tax won't be paid by Chinese companies exporting their cheap plastic Mardi Gras beads to us as some Republicans would have us believe. Those taxes will go into the prices our float riders pay for them.

Perhaps the headline could have more accurately read, "Edwards shifty about his tax plan."

J. Douglas Fogg

retired engineer

Baton Rouge