I love the fact that the small-minded, whiney multi-millionaires of the sports world have the right to protest the flag of the country that allows them to be members of the hated group known as the financial one-percenters.

It can be argued that their greatest contribution to society is inflation because their unjustified and unnecessary salaries and endorsements drive up the price of consumer goods far beyond the cost of production. It can also be argued that unnecessarily high prices for basic goods and services further oppress those they claim to represent by their protest.

If, in between learning the finer points of the offenses and defenses of their chosen sports, they learned any history, they would know that had the members of the greatest generation, which included black people who really were oppressed, shared their attitudes, the protests would be in German or Japanese, if they were even permitted to protest at all.

Men of honor and courage would salute the flag of the country that has guaranteed their rights and has done more for minorities than any country on earth while noting that more progress needs to be made, and they would volunteer to help lead that effort. But that would be done by men of honor and courage.

Bo Bienvenu

retired manager