Regarding Seth Bloom's Nov. 27 press release, he questions the integrity and character, as well as the ability to carry out the responsibilities that have been charged to the members of the Orleans Parish Board of Election Supervisors. The members of the board take an oath; it is our responsibility to see that the statutes are carried out in accordance with the Louisiana Election Code.

Our board handled the City Council District B recount accurately, professionally and in a bipartisan way. Yes, the Nov. 18 election is over, but the work of the Orleans Parish Board of Election Supervisors continues as it works to investigate Bloom’s allegations of voter “irregularities, discrepancies and/or fraud” that he feels took place. Several of his claims have already been investigated and found to be unsupported by the evidence. If any of his other allegations are found to be true, swift action will be taken by the board.

Recount confirms Jay Banks' victory in New Orleans City Council District B race

Jay Batt

president, Orleans Parish Board Parish of Election Supervisors

chairman, Orleans Parish Republican Executive Committee

New Orleans