Letters: A memorable day with Coach Miles _lowres

LSU Coach Les Mile at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Remembering a great day. The year: 2006. The place: Camp Patriot, Kuwait. While walking to the chow hall, I could not believe my eyes.

Les Miles and Lou Holtz, two of my favorite coaches, there in Kuwait. I had to say hello, and I did! We who served will always remember those who risk their lives to bring a touch of home to the battle zones of the global war on terror. To me, Coach Miles is an All-American team player, the kind of man you will always remember, because he remembers you. Our short time together was a great day, one I will always remember. And I know he does. Several years later, at a youth football game in Denham Springs, he and I met once again, and by the smile on his face, I could tell he went back to that hot day in Kuwait on the grounds of Camp Patriot, where he and Lou Holtz gave a big boost to airmen, soldiers, Marines and sailors. He, too, has the Seabee spirit of CAN DO. Thank you, coach.

James Allen Hager

retired, U.S. Navy

Denham Springs