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Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG -- Raegan Carter with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana, speaks at the lectern as abortion rights advocates rally in front of the Governor's Mansion Thursday morning June 2, 2016, in response to anti-abortion legislation that has passed this session.


A recent letter to The Advocate, “Opposition to abortion not small government,” reminded me of Dr. Armand Nicholi’s book, “The Question of God.”

In the book, Nicholi compared the “world views” of two great minds of the 20th century — Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis. These two men contributed opposing views of the meaning of life. C.S. Lewis reasoned and found faith in the existence of God, while Freud’s view was that of unbelief. Nicholi describes the factors in each man’s life that contributed to each man’s respective “world view.” The subject of the book seems to have relevance in the national debate concerning abortion. In particular, what is one’s “world view” concerning abortion and the roles of life experiences and faith in the formation of that view?

Fifty-one years of married life resulted in a world view influenced by many varied circumstances and by faith in God. Family life, which now consists of 17 individuals in three generations, has influenced my view on abortion. One aspect of this view is an enduring image of virtuous motherhood deeply engraved in the hearts and minds of each member of this family.

Justification for abortion is based on the Supreme Court ruling that guarantees a woman’s right to choose abortion of unwanted pregnancies. Some say free choice of abortion is a matter of women’s health. The author of the letter equates denial of this right to enslavement of women.

Advances in prenatal care of pregnant mothers have greatly improved their health and consequent delivery of healthy newborns. Nevertheless, our society is not a utopian paradise. Indeed, women experience unwanted pregnancies for which abortion seemingly provides a solution but with the distinct possibility of undesirable consequences. Americans cherish their freedoms and are willing to make grave sacrifices to protect them. The willingness to sacrifice is admirable and deeply engraved in American consciousness. The practice of abortion, however, is like flesh-eating bacteria eating away the moral fabric of our nation. An offset to the practice of abortion should be compassionate care for women with unwanted pregnancies which should include appropriate health care alternatives and counseling for their well-being and that of their unborn child.

To maintain a spirit of generosity and self-sacrifice as a nation requires its people to respect all human life even in its incipient stages. Selfish hoarding of basic rights is destructive leading to more abortions. God breathes human life into existence through the mother when she conceives. Abortion destroys life before it has opportunity for fulfillment and does not bring solace to the mother. As such, abortion is a false solution to the serious problem of unwanted pregnancies.

Frank Guillot

retired scientist

Baton Rouge