Just about everyone I know and talk to is sick and tired of all the controversy surrounding CATS.

I believe with $30 million a year, we should be able to run a public transportation system that we can be proud of, and I have a few ideas.

First, do away with all fares; no charge for anyone to ride. Collecting the fares and keeping track of the money probably costs more money than it generates. That would eliminate a number of unnecessary jobs and equipment.

Making it a free public transportation system would serve the needs and benefit the people who need it most. We don’t charge for use of the libraries or parks, why should we charge for public transportation? Aside from all that, it is the right thing to do.

Make it a priority to have dependable routes to medical facilities that offer services to the people who need it. Prioritize all routes to service the people who need public transportation first. After that if there is money left over you can have your pretty trolleys serving people who don’t need it. Let’s give people who can’t afford cars access to medical facilities, jobs and other necessities first.

Every time I read about or hear about GPS, trolleys, demographics and salaries, I want to bang my head against the wall.

The city-parish council needs to take charge. It is not rocket science, it’s a bus system. Make it serve the people who need it the most. Make it operate efficiently. Remove corruption and waste. If the commission is not up to the task, remove them. Appoint a new commission.

The city-parish has more than enough money to do the job. The Metro Council needs to put personalities aside and agree that this is a service that is needed and that those needs will be met.

Let’s not complicate it.

Greg Young


Baton Rouge