I truly love people and enjoy listening to the views of most people, and recognize and respect that we are all different. I also try to listen to all points of view on the radio, from NPR and “The Diane Rehm Show” to Rush Limbaugh.

Recently, we had Limbaugh wrongly trying to single out one religion, implying that all people of the Muslim religion are radical and bad.

Then on WRKF on 89.3, we had the entire group on NPR and “The Diane Rehm Show,” which claims to be the only fair and balanced news outlet, singling out one religion on the right.

They all agreed that when it came to threats and violence in America, that President Barack Obama had failed to mention that “we’ve seen a lot more of the right-wing-style violence in America” than anything else.

NPR guests all agreed with this assessment; they all totally ignored all of the violence that African-Americans have been facing. There just seems to be no balance in America.

All we have are far-right and far-left wingnuts on the air. And that is unhealthy. I was going to donate to the WRKF fund drive until I realized they were calling people on the right the real threat to the American people. I ask everyone, is this fair and balanced news?

Limbaugh should apologize and so should Rehm and WRKF in Baton Rouge. I’ll be waiting to see who can appear intelligent and grown-up. I might be waiting a while.

Marco Matte

plumbing service contractor