Having read professor Stephen Parente’s column on how the Affordable Care Act’s premiums in Louisiana are expected to “spike” in the decade beginning in 2017 (The Advocate’s headline), the thought occurred to me that this might be yet another case of an academic thinking the public is too stupid to understand the ACA. After characterizing the premium increases in Louisiana for 2015 as being “a pleasant surprise … in the low single digits,” he then goes on to say that in the decade beginning in 2017, “premiums will increase much faster than that,” as much as 27 percent for individuals. I don’t want to believe that Parente is just another professor Jonathan Gruber coming at us from the opposite perspective, but perhaps The Advocate can ask him to elaborate on how that rate doesn’t translate to an average annual increase of 2.7 percent, a low single digit.

John Matese

retired educator