In light of the recent tragedies of mass killings and an outcry for a solution, President Barack Obama has promised a swift resolution. This is not a new problem. It has been in the making for decades. The downward spiral of America began with the video game “Pong.”

Video games slowed the human interaction of our youth. The games have since gotten so violent with no value for human life that our young people have no true concept of life, death, pain, self-respect, pride or any of the values of the older generations and founders of this great country!

To further escalate the downward spiral the all-knowing powers that be said we couldn’t spank our kids, which gave them the power to revolt against the authority of their parents and the laws of man and God.

Next we took God and prayer out of the most-influential places our youth go, school and government buildings. Basically America told God “we don’t need you except in times of dire need like Sandy Hook School.” Tell me the staff and children followed the law and no prayers were sent up during the Dec. 14 attack.

Finally, we have the music of the past two generations. I don’t even know them all, but “death metal” and “rap” are the two most-damaging to our society. They have created cultures where the youth worship violence and gang warfare.

Government and Americans alike need to wake up and see guns are not the problem! Americans are the problem. This country gained its independence on Christian principles, Christian beliefs and Christian people! America has turned its back on one another and God.

We can’t undo 40 years of destructive behavior overnight, but we must start. America needs to get back to her roots, teach and allow parents to be parents, educators be educators. Throw political correctness out the window.

America is a Christian country. We will have God in our schools and all aspects of our lives. Parents interact with their kids, get them off the couch, out of their bedrooms and outdoors. Teach them to interact with each other in a positive manner. Teach them success and failure, pride and respect, love of God and country. Teach them to be positive and productive! Limit negative influence, whether it is in the form of electronic or human.

God bless America.

Anthony kirby