Les Miles doesn’t deserve a raise. He owes LSU a refund. Coach Miles appears to be a wonderful husband and father. He’s been an excellent recruiter. Unfortunately, he makes bad game-time decisions, and his teams are only as good as his coordinators. Without John Chavis’s defense, he would be looking for a new job along with Gene Chizik.

Coach Miles’s decisions during the Alabama game cost LSU a shot at another BCS title. Remember the fake field goal on fourth and 12? How about the unsuccessful 54-yard field goal attempt just prior to half time that led to an Alabama touchdown? Let’s not forget the Spencer Ware “Wildcat Play” on fourth down that has been a disaster all season.

Clemson beat LSU like a drum on New Year’s Eve. Total yards: 445-219. First downs: 32 to 9. Passing yards: 346-120. There was still a chance with two minutes to go. LSU had three plays to gain two yards and seal the deal. Jeremy Hill was averaging over 10 yards per carry. The “Mad Hatter” calls for two passes — both incomplete. And the rest is history.

LSU’s offense is a disgrace. Coach Miles needs to recognize his lack of talent in calling plays and hire an accomplished offensive coordinator. Otherwise, we can only hope to be playing for second place in the SEC West. I hate to see Tiger Stadium become the place where our dreams of another BCS title “come to die.” The LSU players who have worked so hard and the fans that support this team deserve better.

Walter Bringaze

physician, TAF member

Baton Rouge