Shame on Gov. Bobby Jindal and Veterans Affairs Secretary Lane Carson!

Jindal’s political ad using the Honor Medal confirms that the program was, and still is, duplicitous and admittedly political.

Despite admonishments from many, including the Legislature, to quit using the program politically, Jindal and Carson doubled down and gave out “thousands” of medals during staged political events, using taxpayer money to do nothing but promote Jindal so he can stick with his apostolic plan and say things like, it is never too late to thank the veterans and no one has ever thanked our veterans.

The Legislature did appropriate $86,000 over two years for a medal that costs about $8, including delivery. The math gets really fuzzy when you compare the money appropriated and the number of medals given out or pending (26,808). The Legislature did attempt to curtail the political activity with rules requiring mailing the medal or a wait for a need-basis ceremony.

Whatever the costs, (I think over $200,000), not one cent should be used by Jindal and Carson to promote Jindalite politics, at taxpayer expense. The “honor” of being a veteran is the service to the United States of America, not the messiah complex of Bobby Jindal, and his worshipful ringleader, Lane Carson. I wrote Carson and respectfully asked that he stop the Jindal worship at veteran events. He responded Jindal fairly deserves praise for his support of veterans.(My emphasis.)

It is regrettable that the money spent on this ill-advised program was not used for some actual need or veteran benefit, such as our state-run cemeteries and homes.

The Legislature declared the program political. They should have ended it and stopped using taxpayer money to promote Jindal. If Jindal uses the program in a political ad, should not he report the entire costs to the campaign/ethics panel? Better yet, should he use his $7 million campaign chest to reimburse the taxpayers?

Each veteran recipient of the “honor” medal should ask themselves, have I been honored or have I been had?

Ron Thompson

retired colonel, lawyer, state worker