I am one of those previous residents of Louisiana (27 years) who moved out of state over seven years ago and am now receiving letters that I am obligated to pay a debt for compulsory insurance on several of my vehicles.

I have never allowed my insurance to lapse, and my only mistake was in thinking that after I moved out of state, it was my responsibility to report the move to Louisiana. I was not even aware that any entity could put a debt with a collections organization without first proving the debt was owed.

In this instance, I am going to presume it will not be enough to ask Louisiana to prove the debt, but I will have to contact my insurance carrier for information about previously owned vehicles, dating back as far as 2007, and then providing this information to Louisiana (although not with a phone call as the phone runs through a short cycle and then hangs up). Another reason to feel confident in my decision to leave Louisiana.

John Russell

business owner Beulah, Colorado