ISIS seems to be the prime day-to-day news story in America. We’re constantly reminded that they kill children and the innocent. In the Nov. 28 Advocate, two stories made me just as concerned about American terrorists.

Page 10A: “Boy, 9, targeted by gang” tells of a boy killed because of his father’s ties to a gang. Did he deserve to die because his father was a thug? Page 2A: “Server shot to death in Miss. Waffle House” relates the story of a 52-year-old lady who simply asked a customer to put out his cigarette since the restaurant has a no-smoking policy. In response, the customer fatally shoots her in the head. Both stories graphically relate the depravity in our own society. I really struggle with the concept of Americans trying to change the deep-seated patterns of overseas terrorists when we can’t seem to stop the carnage perpetuated by American terrorists. Instead of praying for world peace, perhaps we should pray for peace in our neighborhoods. Better yet, pray for peace, but let’s get busy trying to figure out how our society is getting so far off kilter and work together to find solutions.

John Singleton

equipment designer