New Orleans Saints super fan Mack Cuenca, Mack the Quack the Who Dat Clown, reacts as the Saints lose the Detroit Lions in a NFL football game in the Superdome in New Orleans, La. Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016.

Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON

I thought that Rheta Grimsley Johnson’s recent column, “The greatest show on Earth, from Trumpworld,” was knee-slapping funny and a very smart analogy relative to our current national government being compared to the circus. It was entertaining, indeed!

That said, could it still be time, after eight long years of “taking it” from the rest of the world and drawing red lines we could never hold; could it be time to "bring in the clowns," if you will?” Fear of clowns (coulrophobia) is a real phobia that we must not give into!

Laughter can be therapeutic.

We (The USA) are more than more than clowns, but maybe it’s time to give the clowns a chance at this thing called government. Look where we have been the last few decades. Maybe Russia, Iran and North Korea are afraid of clowns! We’re sure to find out. In closing, Johnson should perhaps just settle down a little bit and let’s see where we are heading. A clown can always take off a little paint and become something else. Clowns can be funny, mean, scary and friendly; let’s give the clowns a chance. We’ve tried diplomacy, secular liberalism and Harvard grads. We need serious clowns, liberal clowns, conservative clowns, fighting clowns, kind clowns and clowns who can win. Meanwhile, we should all take a deep breath and pray and see how best we can help our country. Our country needs everyone pulling together now, more than ever. All clowns on deck!

Ray Nolan

construction industry, retired