I am a fan of the opinion pages of newspapers, as I enjoy reading different points of view across the broad political spectrum. Your paper has a good mix of contributors, most of whom are thoughtful, intelligent and informed. The glaring exception though is Rich Lowry.

I say this not simply as a person whose views differ from those on the far right, but as one who believes in civil discourse, respect for different points of view and evidence-based opinion. I tend to be center-left but I don’t fit neatly into any political box. I have the utmost respect for true conservative principles and the once-great Party of Lincoln.

Lowry simply regurgitates the vitriol of the far-right-fringe echo chamber. His columns are completely predictable and frankly nauseating. If you were to give me a topic, I could write his column, complete with conspiracy theories, data fabrications and tasteless attacks. To be complete, I would throw in the requisite racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, lunacy and hatred required to be a right-wing circus clown.

Since you publish his column, to have journalistic credibility you must fact-check his work and include your findings. If you are interested in publishing the opinion of a credible small-government conservative, consider a Joe Scarborough, or another Republican who has walked that walk in a real job.

Find a conservative who can make intellectually sound arguments of these positions. Rich Lowry is not conservative; he is a corporatist, regressive huckster. He is too politically naive to understand how far removed he is from mainstream America and too intellectually arrogant to see that every time he speaks, more people run from his cause.

I’m sure he has a fan base in your circulation, but this demographic is shrinking and losing influence rapidly. It’s part irony and part justice but it’s Rich Lowry and his compatriots in the conservative entertainment media that are responsible for the fading relevance of the Republican Party. When Bobby Jindal said, “We have to stop being the stupid party,” he was talking about people like Rich Lowry and himself.

Dr. James K. Ellis

medical oncologistThibodaux