Let’s talk dollars and sense related to the upcoming recreation tax proposal on the Nov. 4 ballot in Ascension Parish.

The public should already be aware that one of the projects on the proposed list for the tax is a spray park for $525,000. This project was funded in the 2014 budget.

However, last week with the unveiling of the 2015 budget, we learned that another $1.27 million for a soccer complex at Lamar-Dixon is going to be funded with a Community Development Block Grant. This complex also is in the recreation projects for the proposed tax.

At least one councilman is considering asking for an amendment to the budget to remove this soccer complex from the list of grant-funded projects in hopes that the public won’t catch on. The next parish council meeting will be Nov. 6, two days after the election. By then, it won’t make any difference.

Does it make sense to ask the public for $32 million worth of projects, when the tax will bring in $58 million, leaving a $26 million slush fund?A majority of the council also voted to spend $190,000 of taxpayer dollars to produce ads to persuade us to vote for this new tax.

Now, we have $1.8 million worth of projects that we were told would be funded through the proposed tax on the ballot that are being funded through a grant to the parish. So, why do they need more money from property owners? The truth is, they don’t. What will be done with the 10 percent of the 1-cent sales tax that is being used for recreation now?

What does make sense is voting NO to giving local government more of our money. We’re taxed enough already, and these officials can’t be trusted with another penny!

Kathryn Goppelt