It’s almost time for Gov. Bobby Jindal to leave the ivory towers of his Baton Rouge fantasy land and enter the real world once again. He is, however, in need of an intervention to address his delusional thoughts about what a fine job he has done as our part-time governor.

Looking back on Jindal’s reign, he seemed to possess the “Midas Touch” in reverse; everything he touched turned to manure. His poisonous hand touched almost every entity in our state from life-sustaining institutions all the way down to state museums and the offices of motor vehicles.

In eight years, he never produced a balanced budget. In the process, he raided several voter-dedicated state trust funds, including one appropriated for the blind, and damaged the delivery of health care and educational services in our state. Additionally, his national political aspirations ruled most decisions he made as governor.

Bobby announced Friday that he will spend his final days as he has spent most of his term, avoiding his governing duties. He will begin a tour of the state to meet and greet Louisianans spreading the message of his accomplishments these past eight years; first, his delusional behavior about becoming a presidential candidate, and now this. Do you see why he needs the intervention?

However, I have to give Jindal credit where credit is due. He governed in a solidly red state for eight years and became so loathed, by so many, that voters crossed party lines and elected a Democrat for governor. While he may try and lay blame at the feet of U.S. Sen. David Vitter, certainly not the most personable, baggage-free candidate Republicans might have put forth, it was Jindal’s ill-conceived actions while governor that caused this turn of events.

So Bobby, I wish you a fond adieu as you leave office, as delusional as ever in your self-perception.

You and your legislative minions have left a heck of a budgetary hole for Louisiana to climb out of.

Jim Anderson

retired public school administrator