This letter is in response to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee voting 6-2 to “defer” action on the use of marijuana for medical reasons.

Let me first state that I have never used marijuana in any form in my life, but would if no other pain management drug was working.

How are the law enforcement officials to tell a dying person that he is breaking a stupid law by smoking weed to help the pain when nothing else works?

This is sad. Twenty-one other states allow it. No wonder people are leaving Louisiana. I would, too.

It’s time to allow the legalization of this drug at least for medical reasons.

To say it’s addictive to a dying person is a cruel joke. Again, I have never smoked this stuff, but if it helps sick people who are already using morphine and other addictive drugs, then why not?

Danny Hogan

retired typewriter salesman

Baton Rouge