It is sad indeed that coverage of the Pope Francis visitation “pilgrimage” to the Philippines doesn’t get more focus on local TV and newspapers. Here is front-page interest. I think it should be.

People have a hunger for historical events. Our children, youth and young adults, all of us, are inspired by news of encouragement, gala local events and the culture of foreign countries.

The pope’s pilgrimage is a rich educational source of culture in our world language, dress, etc. With the super global tech of today, youth go global for themselves and tune out old and/or tech-phobic ones of us; however, our visible, touchable media can capture their interest by reporting more hopeful kinds of “View” and “Talk” shows. My experience with 14- to 21-year-old youth and young adults was that news reports from a newspaper needed to be assigned as a weekly project to grab their interest. Then they could have the podium for a two to three minute report.

Citizens of Baton Rouge could profit by an extensive coverage of such positive peace-making pilgrimages taking place in our world events. Possibly, crime rate would scoot down if less emphasis was placed on rape, murder and theft, etc.

It would be a great time for “Eighty Seconds Around the World” on TV to give at least half that time to something as magnificent as the pope’s pilgrimage this week. Our local paper could give a portion of the front page Saturday or Sunday to the remarkable event.

The Advocate is just that! An advocate for those who need to be promoted. Let’s promote peace by showing off the “Papa of Peace,” Francis I. Let’s give time to a “Bob Hope” solution to help us remain together.

As Holy Father says to married people, “Let’s not lose the ability to dream.” Let’s help him in his initiative to restore the family!

Thelma B. Bertrand

special education teacher

Baton Rouge