Much has been written about C.B. Forgotston since his untimely death over the weekend, including Lanny Keller’s comments and James Gill’s excellent column and Tyler Bridges’ story in The Advocate and columns by Bob Mann and C.B.’s fellow bloggers and friends. I agree with every one of these tributes and can only add my personal view.

I corresponded with C.B. several times a week over a period of several years, and even when we disagreed, he respected the arguments I put forth. He could certainly be hard-headed, but he did not dismiss opposing views without considering their bases. We sometimes had to simply agree to disagree, and doing so did not affect our continuing cordial relationship.

C.B.’s most significant accomplishment, in my opinion, was being at the head of the pack that brought credibility to blogs. His successors would not enjoy their current influence on public policy and opinion had C.B. not demonstrated that serious commentary, backed up by facts, was possible in the free and open environment of the Internet.

It goes without saying I will miss C.B. — a lot. He was truly one of a kind.

Stephen Winham

retired budget director

St. Francisville