The outstanding success of the Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy in such a short period of time should be lauded by all members of the Jefferson Parish School Board and administration as well as Jefferson Parish and Kenner government officials. This school, which now has an enrollment of 815 students and with over 1,000 students on its wait list for the 2016-17 school year, has been a shining star in the Jefferson Parish public education system.

Using a 21st century technology-integrated curriculum, it has achieved an A rating with the state Department of Education and has achieved rankings of first in the state and top ten in the nation for two consecutive years in the Scholastic Summer Reading Contest. Included in its mission is an emphasis on healthy eating, good nutrition, proactive care of body/health and the environment.

This school should not in any way be wrapped in controversy as took place at the most recent Jefferson Parish School Board meeting. It has given its student body an opportunity to receive a first-class public education which is reflected in the strong demand by number of applicants.

To place the school in a constant posture of having to defend itself and justify its existence is clearly not in the best interests of its students and those seeking admission. The success of Kenner Discovery has provided our parish public education system with a formula for emulation. Focus should be placed on what the administrative staff and faculty are doing to receive the outstanding results they are achieving rather than scheming to thwart success. The school itself should be allowed to flourish for the good of the students without political meddling.

Tony Ligi

executive director, Jefferson Business Council