Thankfully the ridiculous attempt by liberal blogger Lamar White, following the worn-out script liberals (or progressives as they brand themselves to hide their liberalism) use to brand conservatives as racists, has failed.

Everyone with an ounce of sense in the nation who knows Rep. Steve Scalise knows he’s not a racist. If you don’t believe that, ask Democrat Congressman Cedric Richmond, who happens to be a good friend of Scalise and who happens to be black.

If every candidate running for political office were alleged to be against some group because he gave a purely political speech seeking another group’s votes, there would be no one left to hold office.

Intelligent people know this, and this is why liberal White’s attempt to harm conservative Scalise’s career with this false allegation will die.

Evidently White wants to prove himself courageous and brave, so I suggest he go after someone who is a trouble-making, police-hating, real racist — Al Sharpton.

No one seems to be “brave” enough to tell the truth about this self-promoting hate monger, so White would be on the cutting edge of honest journalism. President Barack Obama and New York’s mayor would not appreciate White’s efforts since they consider Sharpton a trusted adviser, but since White has no problem playing loose with the truth in Scalise’s case, he ought to be fine telling the real truth about Sharpton.

Question is, is White too much of a “progressive” to tell the truth that a darling of the “progressives” is a menace to the nation?

Michael Sellen

r etired sales representative

River Ridge