I read with interest Mary Ann Sternberg’s attempted defense of Jay Dardenne. She touts his years of experience in government. But one has to ask, what has Dardenne accomplished in all those years? Can anyone name one thing Dardenne is known for?

Sternberg belittles Billy Nungesser for having “no college degree” and being from a “tiny” Louisiana parish. I have known a lot of truly great men without college degrees who came from small-town America. If, as Sternberg states, Dardenne is the more “effective partner working with the governor,” why didn’t Gov. Bobby Jindal endorse him?

We all know what Billy Nungesser did. We all saw him nightly on television going toe-to-toe with the most powerful politicians in Washington, demanding that they live up to the promises they made to the people of Louisiana. We saw him demanding that BP compensate the fishermen and other workers who lost their jobs because of the BP oil spill and compensate the state for the destruction caused to its coastal environment. Where was Dardenne when all this was going on?

Let’s be frank, this is not a typical race for lieutenant governor — the choice is truly important. If Gov. Jindal succeeds in his national ambitions, the next lieutenant governor could be our new governor. Nungesser has the kind of fighting spirit I want in our next lieutenant governor.

Kai David Midboe

lawyer, former secretary of Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Baton Rouge