Rob Maness, Spirit of America rally organizer and MC, talks with the press prior to the event on Saturday March 4, 2017.

Advocate Photo by JILL MOORE

In a recent blog post, Stephanie Grace’s column about me assails my state of mind, my ambitions and my actions based on a very raucous debate that occurred on my radio show between me and a self-proclaimed “flaming liberal,” a call-in actor from Atlanta. Most of her column is fallacious, and that’s why the average citizen calls once-reputable news outlets Fake News.

Downsized my ambitions? My only goal is to serve. We need people in office who will stand up for citizens instead of the special interests and political insiders. I left an executive position with a Fortune 500 Company to seek elected office because I want my grandsons to inherit a prosperous and free country. No position will ever replace being a B-1 bomber squadron commander, leading great Americans in war against our enemies, or fighting terrorists while assigned to bomb disposal.

The pressure may be getting to me and I lost my cool? Everyone on occasion loses his or her temper, but staying cool under pressure — whether in combat or on live radio — is something I just do.. Grace wasn’t in the studio, so all she has to judge are my tone and inflection. What actually occurred is that I consciously started the process of cutting off the flaming liberal’s rant because I could see he was going to go too far.

It does takes thick skin to serve in public office. I have commanded organizations the size of cities and, believe me, I have been tested and proven worthy. What I will not do is back down to the nasty tactics liberals try to use, whether on my radio show or in the state Legislature, when some, like state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, yells to a sitting representative to “shut the f--- up” on the floor of the House. That’s what losing your cool looks like.

The next time you publish something about a person and assert certain characteristics as fact, maybe, just maybe, you should give them a call or find someone who was actually there so you get your facts straight. If you and your fellow so-called journalists would do that more, there wouldn’t be an audience for Iron Liberty News, where the core mission is fighting Fake News with the truth.

Rob Maness

USAF, retired