It’s a shame your opinion column on Aug. 21, “Obsession against energy,” is so blatantly biased. It appears so many “news” services today are owned by major corporations or very wealthy individuals such as Rupert Murdoch and dictate news commentary rather than reporting factual news. Al–J azeera seems to be the only service “reporting” news.

Does the editor even read his very own paper? For example, this same day, there was an article regarding record heat for the first seven months of this year.

As an oil and gas retiree, I take offense at being classified as having “a pathological opposition to the oil and gas industry” and that “nothing about energy development is going to please” me. My entire family has been in the oil and gas industry BUT our time frame was when oil and gas was easy to get to; nowadays it’s much harder and more dangerous to get to and it’s located in areas much more sensitive to environmental impact.

Why is Shell able to explore the Arctic area? Well, let’s see … there’s no more ice or very little in the near future. The editor should research articles about “rare earth” issues; even the military is making long-range plans on how to respond.

With gas costing locally about $2.38 a gallon and a bottle of water costing as much as $1 at a vending machine, what has more value? It’s an inconvenience having driving restrictions due to lack of gas … oh, by the way … there’s a surplus if one would read the industry news.

This paper should research other countries such as Germany and others that are already way ahead in transitioning to alternative energy means, and these are “immensely important economic drivers” and have successfully demonstrated so.

It seems most Americans are becoming much too reliant in being told what to think and it’s a shame that it’s becoming harder to find the truth in news. After all, “It’s not against the law to lie in politics.”

Michael EGLI