We did ourselves no favor by voting in term limits. Hindsight is 20/20. As a guilty party to this legislation, what I have observed is exactly what Brenda Thomas (see Readers’ Views Feb. 5) has learned upon her recent return: “our state seems to have become more of a dictatorship than a democracy.”

This administration governs by intimidation and fear of retribution. (If this happens in school, it is called “bullying.”) With term limits, we effectively reduced the power of the Louisiana Legislature to check and balance the governor’s powers. Many legislators are so busy trying to keep their jobs, they forget to do their jobs. This is compounded by their inexperience in state government and a shortage of experienced would-be mentors who have been term-limited out ... good and bad indiscriminately.

We don’t need term limits. We have always had that power as voters every time we step into a voting booth. We need to retain good legislators, but we cannot do that if they are not allowed on the ballot.

Legislators, I believe you have it within your power to repeal term limits; you certainly did so with the Stelly Tax Plan. Take the first step to getting “your backbones back” and save our great state from ruin. You have more power than you realize. Use it for good.

Cheryl Achord

retired state worker

Baton Rouge