Please stop printing this tripe — inaccurate letters loaded with bad information about the man-caused global climate change fraud.

Poor misinformed Marilyn MacNguyen, bless her, whose mind has been filled with mush at Penn State, apparently, has nothing factual in her letter. And the editors at The Advocate know that — but you go on printing this junk because as liberal progressive global climate change worshippers, you just feel compelled to perpetrate the climate fraud in the name of science, all to promote government control of the people in the way of steep regulations, fines and fees. Stop it.

Natural hazards might be occasionally exacerbated by climate change, but not ever recently and none of it is man-caused. That man can affect climate change (mostly driven by the effects of the sun’s activity) is laughable. Humans contribute slightly to greenhouse gas through transportation, manufacturing, power generation and farming, but those emissions are minute compared to emissions from natural sources man can do nothing about.

Costly efforts to limit human emissions would have an undetectable effect on global climate. How much of the “Greenhouse Effect” is caused by human activity — about 0.28 percent. That’s less than 1 percent for the folks at Penn State and The Advocate. The sun rules.

Poor MacNguyen ought to get her money back from Penn State, because they’ve failed. Paying an arbitrary carbon fee to companies owned by the likes of Al Gore isn’t going to change the climate. That there are increasing temperatures, decreasing water availability and rising sea levels is hogwash. There’s no scientific proof of any of it. Hurricanes and storms are simply not more frequent.

Why anyone thinks taxpayers or oil and gas corporations owe any money to anyone because they have “emissions” and how that has anything to do with the climate is an incoherent thought.

Daniel P. Poulin

real estate executive