In the recent letter by William Sierichs bashing Cal Thomas, we get to see classic liberalism at work. Almost every group that has come to the United States is a victim, and they are victims of white, Protestant, European, conservative “right-wingers,” according to Sierichs.

The fact that throughout history human nature, values, laws and governments have slowly evolved to get us to where we are today is lost on people like Sierichs.

Someone must be blamed for anyone else’s problems, even if they occurred many years ago, and that someone must have been right-wing and conservative. Tell that to the millions of victims of that great socialist Uncle Joe Stalin.

Liberals like Sierichs refuse to acknowledge that the only thing keeping any person from doing well in this country today is that person’s refusal to work hard and use the capitalist system to his or her benefit.

No one can fix what happened in the past. Even liberal big government with its high taxes and over-regulation of individuals cannot hold a well-motivated individual back, and that goes for Muslims, who Sierichs also insists are being denied their rights.

I was not surprised to see that Sierichs identifies himself as a newspaperman. Some mainstream news personnel are on the cutting edge of convincing any group that considers itself a minority that it’s being abused and in need of big government’s assistance.

Now that Sierichs is retired, he should have time to read a history book or two. He may find out that over thousands of years, some of the problems of some of the people were not caused by right-wing conservatives and that the United States helped more people to achieve prosperity than any country on Earth.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge