I know it is unwise to take issue with an editorial writer, since they make their living writing, and I make mine trying to keep a business viable.

I must take issue with the article that Stephanie Grace had in the May 3 issue of The Advocate, “Technicality could bring suffering to thousands.” Now I am sure she is an intelligent lady, and I am sure she understands the facts of what she is writing. What I find hard to believe is how she distorts the facts to support her view.

She states that the matter before the Supreme Court is a typo. I find that a distortion, and while it does give her an opportunity to take a swipe at Gov. Bobby Jindal — whom she obviously does not agree with — it is not a typo by any stretch of the imagination.

The president, in trying to force states to embrace “Obamacare,” obviously felt a good way to do it was to say that in order to get the insurance subsidies, a state had to accept what the federal government wanted to shove down their throats. That is not a technicality; that is abusive government. Surely Stephanie Grace is aware of Harry Reid refusing to even allow amendments to be voted on.

In her article, she notes the “ugly yet ascendant strain in American politics,” and goes on to blame the Republicans. Yet this law was passed without a single Republican vote, refusing to accept a single opposing amendment to the most complex federal law to be passed in two generations. Everyone knew of this issue shortly after it passed the Senate, but by then, the Democrats had lost their 60 vote margin and would have had to work with the Republicans, so they chose to gamble and leave it as it was and take their chances down the road.

I have spent the last three years worrying about how to keep my company solvent while finding a way to obey this law. The president continues to say it is not a tax, yet the only reason it is still the law of the land is because the Supreme Court ruled it was a tax. A tax would have fallen on income earners not their employer; companies would not have had to change their business models to comply. Because of the employee mandate, millions of citizens have seen their income shrink as companies cut their workweek to 30 hours. Productivity of the American worker has shrunk for the first time in our history because of this.

Back to the subject, I just think columnists, while writing their own opinion, should not knowingly distort their articles to support that opinion.

Gregory Hamer

business owner

Morgan City