I am writing in support of legislation to give patients greater access to quality eye care in Louisiana.

State laws put unnecessary constraints on doctors of optometry, but SB568 and HB1065 lift those constraints to give patients greater access to some common treatments and procedures that improve their health.

Constraints under the law require many eye care patients to travel outside their parishes for some safe, noninvasive treatment or procedures, forcing them to pay for extra doctor’s office visits and causing them to often endure discomfort from delayed treatment.

SB568 and HB1065 would change that.

The legislation allows the trusted doctors of optometry who are trained in these treatments and procedures to provide them to their patients.

Historical evidence from states that allow doctors of optometry to perform these same treatments and procedures shows a safe and successful track record.

As we all know, technology is changing rapidly, and new, better procedures develop almost daily.

It is important that Louisiana’s patients have access to the safest, most convenient treatments and procedures available.

I ask you to join me in supporting SB568 and HB1065. It’s important.

Crystal Mirza

Optometry Association of Louisiana board of directors