Our Views: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal knows about Greek gimmicks _lowres

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

The Greek fiscal crisis can be vexing, and it’s painful to watch the birthplace of democracy suffer so much, even if voters there share the blame for their nation’s problems.

Fortunately, here in Louisiana, we have a Rhodes scholar to explain to us what it all might mean to the United States.

In his quest to become the nation’s 45th president, Gov. Bobby Jindal this week penned an opinion piece for Time magazine about Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton entitled “Sanders and Clinton would both turn us into Greece.”

Some of the governor’s observations are worth repeating here, since they will be familiar to those who follow Louisiana’s budget process.

For example, Jindal notes helpfully that “Greece has been cooking the books with complicated financial instruments for years.”

Later, the governor observes, “You can’t spend more than you take in.”

When it comes to fiscal irresponsibility, Jindal is hardly in a position to wag his finger at others.

There are nearly two dozen men and women running for president in 2016, but none of the candidates has come as close to bankrupting a government as Bobby Jindal.

So whatever he has to say about Greece is richly informed by personal experience.