A state district judge has laid to rest a controversial retirement boost to two state troopers, one of them the State Police superintendent.

Judge Janice Clark agreed with an attorney for state Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, who filed suit challenging the new law. The lawsuit and Clark’s decision was not challenged by the troopers’ retirement system, which had earlier agreed the bill that generated the potential windfall was unconstitutionally passed by lawmakers.

It is to the credit of Col. Mike Edmonson and Master Sgt. Louis Boquet, of Houma, that they declined to accept the raise because of irregularities in its passage. The raise was inserted into a bill in the waning hours of the last legislative session. The change was very inadequately explained and caused a furor when discovered.

What should not be forgotten is that while lawmakers have restricted some last-minute shenanigans during the last days and hours of a legislative session, those schemes still happen. Legislators depend on fellow members and staff to ensure that they know what they’re voting on.