We’re all in this together in metropolitan New Orleans, because criminals don’t care about boundaries over the canal or the river or the lake. But the Landrieu family has a particular reason to be grateful for another jurisdiction, as it was an off-duty officer of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office who tracked down the Jeep stolen from the mayor’s home.

Mitch Landrieu properly thanked both the NOPD and the JPSO for its prompt work in tracking the car, reported missing around noon Saturday. Deputy Blake Hollifield was leaving a 12-hour shift and his car picked up the signal from the stolen vehicle; the deputy tracked it down near Magazine Street.

Crime knows no boundaries, but then neither obviously does the sense of duty of a good police officer. And crime knows no rank, so a car belonging to the mayor was snapped up — obviously, an embarrassment to any politician.

The mayor’s concern for the crime problem was obvious before this, but it certainly isn’t lessened being a bit of a victim of the robbery wave in the city.