It’s certainly not a make-or-break financial issue for the university, but is it appropriate for there to be an official LSU beer?

To be sure, the little Baton Rouge brewery started by LSU graduates, Tin Roof, is going to work with students on marketing plans via internships, and thus there are educational benefits to the school. We do not doubt that LSU’s imprimatur will help the company sell more beer and might make a little money for a university that is grabbing cash anywhere it can in light of state budget cuts.

But LSU is also a campus that has struggled with students drinking too much and injuring themselves and others. LSU looked at an official beer a few years ago but there appeared to be legal difficulties with an LSU contract for marketing.

As much as LSU ought to be entrepreneurial, we suggest that the administration and the Board of Supervisors should give this some thought. It’s not the messenger that is bad but the message, we think.