Here in south Louisiana, where we tend to eat a lot, anyway, the arrival of Halloween will usher in a particularly intense season of sugar consumption across the region.

Has anyone noticed that homeowners dispensing Halloween candy tend to eat at least as much of the stuff as the trick-or-treaters?

If previous years are any indication, the surplus candy from tonight’s celebration will become depleted just in time for Thanksgiving, when copious servings of pumpkin pie become the indulgence of choice for anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth. Then it’s on to Christmas fudge, followed by February’s Super Bowl dessert trays, which set the stage for Mardi Gras king cakes.

Is it any wonder this state has an obesity problem?

We urge moderation, of course, but don’t chide us too heavily for hypocrisy if you find us dipping into the plastic pumpkin near our front door tonight for our third — or fourth — candy bar of the evening.

Trick-or-treating in East Baton Rouge Parish and most surrounding parishes is from 6 to 8 tonight.

We remind motorists to be extra cautious because a lot of little ghosts and goblins will be on the streets tonight. We also remind residents not to let children trick-or-treat without supervision.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween tonight — and one free of dental cavities.