Although elected officials get a lot of attention for what they do or don’t do, civic life also depends on those who don’t hold public office, yet help strongly shape the future of their community. All of this comes to mind with the news that volunteers with Baton Rouge’s Knock Knock Children’s Museum have been recognized for their effort.

Baton Rouge mayor creates 'parents club' to promote early childhood development

More than 500 volunteers have given their time and talent to the museum that opened last year. LSU recently presented an award to the museum to recognize its efforts in service learning.

That’s a fitting tribute to the men and women who are helping make the children’s museum a jewel in the Baton Rouge area. We congratulate Knock Knock on its honor. Anyone wanting to join the volunteer effort can visit


A feathered Queen's crown and 'Mardi Gras Puppy' face paint, compliments of Sparkles the Clown (her mom, watson's Tabitha Miller) adorn Kallie Miller, 6, at the Knock Knock ChildrenÕs Museum's inaugural 'Mardi Gras at the Museum' event, Monday, Feb. 12, 2018.