The statewide race at the top of today’s ballot — the contest to determine Louisiana’s next governor — hasn’t been very competitive this year, and that promises to dampen voter turnout for today’s election.

Incumbent Gov. Bobby Jindal didn’t attract a well-funded opponent, making Jindal a clear favorite to win a second term.

But even though the governor’s race seems all but decided today, we hope voters who haven’t already cast early ballots will go to the polls today and vote. There are, after all, many other important races and issues on the ballot.

These races include statewide contests for lieutenant governor, secretary of state, commissioner of insurance and commissioner of agriculture and forestry.

Additionally, voters will be electing members of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, which helps set policies that govern Louisiana’s public schools.

In East Baton Rouge Parish, voters will cast ballots in races for coroner and sheriff.

There are many other races for parish elected officials on ballots today in parishes around Louisiana.

Voters across Louisiana will make decisions on five proposed state constitutional amendments.

In East Baton Rouge Parish and many other parishes around the state, voters will decide whether to double the homestead exemption for disabled veterans in parishes that approve such a measure.

East Baton Rouge Parish voters also will vote on two proposed changes to the parish’s home-rule charter that, if approved, would add seats to the East Baton Rouge Parish Recreation and Park Commission and the Library Board of Control, designating these extra seats for representatives from Baker, Zachary and Central.

Polls open today at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. We urge people to go to the polls today and cast an informed ballot.

The Advocate detailed its positions on the proposed constitutional amendments, the proposed change in homestead exemption for disabled veterans and proposed changes to BREC and the Library Board in earlier editions.

Here is a brief recap of our recommendations on those issues:

e_SBlt Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1 — Millennium Trust Fund: No.

e_SBlt Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2 — Retirement debt: Yes.

e_SBlt Proposed Constitutional Amendment 3 — Patient Fund: Yes.

e_SBlt Proposed Constitutional Amendment 4 — Rainy-Day Fund: Yes.

e_SBlt Proposed Constitutional Amendment 5 — New Orleans Property Sales: No.

e_SBlt Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption: No.

e_SBlt Proposed Home-Rule Charter Amendment 11.02 — BREC: No.

• Proposed Home-Rule Charter Amendment 11.03 — Library Board of Control: No.