Although they’re best known as the owners of Community Coffee, members of the Saurage family have worked long and hard in philanthropic and civic causes over the years. Their good work on behalf of Louisiana is easy to overlook, since the Saurages go out of their way not to call attention to themselves.

That’s all the more reason to applaud the selection of Donna Saurage as the winner of this year’s Golden Deeds Award.

Presented by the Inter-Civic Council of Baton Rouge, composed of various civic associations in the city, the Golden Deeds Award recognizes outstanding volunteerism on behalf of the community. Donna Saurage, the 76-year-old widow of longtime Community Coffee head Henry Norman Saurage III, certainly fills the bill. She’s worked with nearly 50 groups in the area, including a 14-year stint in the leadership of the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana. Saurage also has been involved in Volunteers in Public Schools, Teach for America, the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and the Louisiana Art & Science Museum.

Saurage’s husband, who also was active in Baton Rouge’s civic life, died last year, but she has rebounded from that loss by doing what she’s done for years — working hard to advance the lives of others.

We congratulate Donna Saurage on this overdue recognition of her commitment to Baton Rouge and Louisiana.