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In the By-You Building area, from left, Josiah Dawson, Cyviayra Robinson and Sasha Scott use a crane to move padded blocks. Ribbon cutting at the Knock Knock ChildrenÕs Museum as it opens its doors to the public Tuesday August 22, 2017, in Baton Rouge, La.


In an age of television and the internet, what is the age of wonder for a child? The thought behind the hard work of volunteers over almost two decades is that a new children’s museum can make a difference in dazzling children who are very young and impressionable, but also those who are older and are enticed into learning about the world around them.

That is why there are so many hands-on interactive exhibits at the Knock Knock Children’s Museum located centrally in the capital region at City-Brooks Community Park in Baton Rouge.

“Learning Zones” in the museum will seek to connect everyday experiences to learning. The age of wonder about “why does this work?” is a target that the new museum is aiming at in children of different periods of their growth.

The museum came into existence over many years of development. Its programming does not reinvent the wheel of others, but benefits from the work of other museums around the South and the rest of the country. Still, it will be its own special place, and one we are confident that will be a scene of wonders of for children every day.