Tiger pride abounds when it comes to LSU’s football program, but we see no cause for pride in a criminal investigation involving four LSU football team members implicated in a recent fight with four other men who are not football players.

The players implicated in the fight so far are LSU senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson, freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry, sophomore offensive tackle Chris Davenport and sophomore linebacker Josh Johns.

A police investigation of the incident is ongoing. No one under police investigation should be considered guilty of a crime unless that crime is proved in a court of law.

We’re glad police appear to be proceeding with diligence in attempting to determine what happened in the fight near campus. We don’t want the investigation to drag out indefinitely, but we do want an investigation that’s thorough. That should be the standard in any criminal investigation, but given the high-profile nature of this case, the public must have total confidence that full justice was pursued, and that no one was given special treatment.

While we don’t know if any members of the LSU football team are guilty of criminal wrongdoing, we do know the fight in a bar parking lot occurred after LSU football players reported to their apartments for a 10:30 p.m. curfew. At the very least, these players weren’t where they were supposed to be after curfew.

This violation of policy by so many players suggests LSU coach Les Miles and the rest of his staff must do a better job in educating players about the necessity of following the rules. There also should be serious consequences for breaking those rules. And we hope Miles is aggressive in dealing with any other wrongdoing revealed by the investigation, regardless of its possible effect on his team.