We’ve already noticed some south Louisiana residents taking down campaign signs from concluded races in the Nov. 4 elections, and we hope everyone else follows that example.

Thanks to a busy campaign season — not only for the U.S. Senate, but for various area judgeships, congressional races and municipal offices — campaign signs sprouted like mushrooms in south Louisiana yards this autumn.

Some of those races have headed to Dec. 6 runoffs, and that means the season of signs isn’t quite over for this year’s campaign. But with many candidates already out of the race for public office, we hope supporters do their part for civic beautification and dispose of outdated campaign signs.

Just what to do with those old signs is a matter of choice. Some candidates and their supporters might even opt to keep them for future races, but other options abound. We know of a man who, some years ago, used a vintage Buddy Roemer gubernatorial campaign sign to patch his cattle fence.

In an ideal world, campaign signs would simply biodegrade, making an attractive mulch for the flower beds.

Short of that, do your neighbors a favor, and retire those old signs — or perhaps recycle them. If you don’t have a cattle fence, be creative.