We just want everyone to get along, and sometimes even in the U.S. Senate, they do.

Thus it was a notable moment when two of President Barack Obama’s appointments were confirmed by votes of 94-0 and 100-0.

They were Gen. David Petraeus for director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Leon Panetta, leaving the CIA for the post of secretary of defense.

Both earned bipartisan support, Petraeus for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan and reputation as an avid consumer of the CIA’s wares during his time as a commander.

Panetta, at 73, the oldest man to head the Defense Department, was at the CIA when Osama bin Laden was killed. As a veteran on Capitol Hill before that, as well as a chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, he is amply qualified for the new job.

We wish them both well in the difficult jobs ahead — difficult, even if the phased withdrawal of combat troops in central Asia goes according to plan. Much more so, of course, if it doesn’t.