With a last-minute push in the greater New Orleans area, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz wound up with the bulk of the votes in Louisiana’s hotly contested GOP primary.

Trump’s victory Saturday not only rewards him with the most delegates but was noteworthy for his winning in a closed-primary state. The Louisiana race was watched nationally in part because Trump’s critics had argued he benefited from independents or even Democrats crossing over in states with less restrictive rules.

Louisiana exploded that argument, although Cruz — a U.S. senator from neighboring Texas — did well enough to make it a tough race.

Tough it was not for Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, who swept the ballots in almost every parish.

While a small step in the national scheme of things, Louisiana’s race underlined Trump’s support and emphasized Clinton’s “fire wall” of Southern states balking at Bernie Sanders’ appeal.

We congratulate the winners who helped drive significant turnouts in both parties.