We’re sorry to learn that LSU’s Steele Burden Live Oak is no longer a part of the campus landscape. The 80-year-old oak, a fixture on campus near the natatorium near Nicholson Drive, had been struck by lightning last year, and efforts to save the oak proved unsuccessful.

The oak’s passing is an occasion to remember the man for whom the tree was named. The late Steele Burden planted the tree about 80 years ago, and he also planted many of the other oaks that are such an iconic part of LSU’s campus.

We’re glad that seedlings of the tree eventually will be planted at LSU. That’s a nice way to continue Burden’s legacy.

Caring for LSU’s oaks is expensive, and the LSU Foundation’s Endow an Oak program enables donors to help support the care and maintenance of the many oaks on campus. Those interested in contributing to that effort can call the foundation at (225) 578-5386 or visit http://www.lsufoundation.org/oaks.