Recent headlines indicate that while many citizens in Louisiana are expecting the funds allocated for coastal restoration to be spent on actual restoration, our governor has other plans.

I am writing to express my concern for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s plans to use funds provided by the RESTORE Act to fund the expansion of La. 1 to Golden Meadow.

First, I would like to applaud and thank The Advocate for taking a strong position in your recent editorial “Jindal’s raid on coast, ” published on Oct. 2 .

Gov. Bobby Jindal, who previously had supported coastal restoration, has clearly backpedaled in an effort to get the bridge built with no care for our fragile coast and the need to restore it.

My concern as a lifelong, conservation-minded citizen of Louisiana is that the CPRA and Jindal will now take away funds critical to restoration projects to use them for infrastructure budgetary problems that his administration is facing.

My children and the children of our state deserve much more than that from this board and the governor. They deserve to have a healthy, vibrant, prolific coastline in which to work, play and live.

Without the proper use of the funds, the coast will wash away faster than any sediment diversion could possibly build the land.

The politics of old in Louisiana has clearly reared its ugly head once again. The citizens of our state need to tell Jindal and the CPRA that enough is enough. Don’t divert and steal funds from our coast to fund other state projects and fill budgetary gaps. Our children will ultimately inherit our coastal crisis.

Polly Glover

executive board, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana