Our Views: Ignatius lives! And so does his oddball aversion to Baton Rouge _lowres

Advocate staff file photo by BILL FEIG -- Aerial of downtown Baton Rouge.

A sports and entertainment website in New Orleans caused a stir in Baton Rouge this week by inviting readers to weigh in on why they hate the capital city.

The solicitation sponged up more than 600 comments, suggesting that Ignatius Reilly is alive and well — and in fact, he has multiplied.

Most of the comments are posted anonymously, so they’re worthless and small-minded and probably not indicative of the way New Orleanians really feel — especially those who took shelter in Baton Rouge when Hurricane Katrina assaulted their city.

In the end, we agree with Ninthwarder, a commenter who criticized the reporter that started the dust-up on nola.com.

“She’s not going to win a Pulitzer with this one.”