You’re not too young to make a difference, as two Louisiana schoolchildren proved after the disastrous 2010 oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

The brother-and-sister duo of Rory and Maeve McCracken were raised by parents with a love of the water and, particularly, diving. So after the BP leak, the project of a T-shirt to raise money for recovery of marine life was a natural, but it took off beyond the expectations of the family.

The children raised more than $11,000 for marine animals and promoted the Gulf’s cause through a website,, and a book.

The Baton Rouge students’ work has not gone unnoticed, winning awards and praise from the Louisiana Wildlife Federation and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. National and international recognition now includes the 2014 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes.

The Barron prize recognizes young people who make a difference, and it’s quite appropriate for Rory and Maeve’s work. We congratulate them.