Amid all the hoopla of Louisiana’s presidential primary on Saturday, voters in Central face a decision about the future of their public school system. A proposal to renew 32.52 mills of property tax — almost 6 mills less than what voters approved nine years ago — is on the ballot.

We didn’t support the creation of the Central school district in 2007, which was a breakaway from the East Baton Rouge Parish school system.

But voters thought otherwise, and now that they’ve spoken, it’s up to residents of Central to make sure that their schools remain vital. Renewing the property tax on Saturday’s ballot is an important part of advancing that goal.

The millage equates to a total annual tax bill of $243.90 for a home assessed at $150,000, and $569.10 for a home assessed at $250,000. The millage is subject to Louisiana’s homestead exemption, so the first $75,000 in value on the home is not taxed. We urge voters to approve the tax.