The nation was shocked, and deservedly so, when it was found that the Veterans Administration bureaucracy was shuffling paper instead of serving former members of the armed forces.

Maybe the U.S. Congress isn’t much in the line of legislating these days, but a bill seeking to improve that situation was one of the major accomplishments of the last session.

It had particular benefits for Louisiana veterans, as health care clinics in the state will expand in Lafayette and Lake Charles.

Those are among 25 locations in the nation where a legislative tangle had tied up expansions of facilities to serve veterans.

The Louisiana delegation in Congress, including U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, who represents the district with the two clinics, still must shepherd the projects through. But on this Veterans Day, there is at least the prospect of better and quicker care in those facilities as well as in the big, new VA hospital in New Orleans.

We welcome those steps forward.

Those who fought to protect this nation deserve the best care that the nation can provide. We hope that amid all the barbecues and other events of the holiday weekend, Louisiana families will pause for reflection and thankfulness for the service of our veterans.