The Louisiana Supreme Court this week cleared the way for criminals to run for office, sweeping aside on procedural grounds a provision in the state constitution that requires convicted felons to wait until 15 years after the end of their sentence.

Presumably, lawmakers will correct the problem and put the measure before voters again. But in the meantime, it’s frightening to think of who might slither into office while the door is open.

Crooked legislator Derrick Shepherd brought the suit, so he is presumably planning a comeback. When they get out of jail, ex-Parish President Aaron Broussard and former Mayor Ray Nagin might try to get their old jobs back. Crooked Congressman Bill Jefferson also could return.

Crooked former Gov. Edwin Edwards already has demonstrated that he wants back in the game, running for Congress in 2014. David Duke, his rival in the epic 1991 runoff, also turned out to be a crook. He admitted ripping off his campaign supporters, proving that P.T. Barnum was right about what happens every minute. It would be a horror to think, but maybe they’ll square off again.

If so, don’t go up to the attic and get out your old bumper sticker that reads, “Vote for the Crook. It’s Important.” Nobody will know which crook you support.